Get your fleet moving with Mutual Propane Autogas


Your best option to outfit your fleet vehicles

  • Save Fuel Costs

  • Reduce Maintenance

  • Reduce Emissions

Our expert team at Mutual Propane will answer your Autogas questions.

Mutual Propane has always been one of the strongest supporters of Propane powered vehicles in the market place.

Currently referred to as Autogas, Mutual Propane currently runs 90% of our fleet on propane powered alternative fuel, known as Autogas.

We are experts in conversion and repair in the Propane motor fuel market.  With a full time carburetion consultant on staff, we can get you the latest news on what is available on the market and what CARB has in the works for the future of Autogas in Southern California.

Benefits of Using Autogas

Fleets using propane vehicles save on fuel costs. Autogas costs substantially less per gallon than gasoline (click here for cost savings facts & info ).

Beyond the fuel cost savings and the benefits of having an on-site fueling station, fleets that use autogas are significantly reducing their carbon footprint, since autogas is an approved alternative fuel that can reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 percent compared to gasoline or diesel.